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About iTeam

Who We Are

Located in the Fraser Valley city of Abbotsford, BC, iTeam Technical Solutions serves clients not only throughout the Lower Mainland, but all over the world.

iTeam's success comes from building lasting relationships with our clients. Our clients know we are dedicated to providing outstanding service with creative cutting edge results, all within a reasonable budget. iTeam believes in honesty and hard work, and is devoted to helping clients find the right solutions for their business needs.

What We Do

iTeam consists of a highly qualified design and development team made up of graphic designers, programmers, and systems and business analysts. This team combines the skill and creativity required to promote your business online, increase online sales, and improve productivity and efficiency through custom database software, and office network maintenance. iTeam provides affordable solutions for all you business needs and operates as Your IT Department - consolidating your online marketing, computer services, and custom software solutions into a single phone call.

Our commitment to research and development guarantees up to the minute innovative solutions that position our clients at the forefront of Information Technology.

How we do it

iTeam is passionate about technology and passionate about business, and recognizes that in today's market, success requires the two to be combined. iTeam is commited to finding the right combination of technologies for your business. No matter how small the need, or how large the solution, iTeam will be there with you.

Contact us today for a free consultation and start your company on the technological path that leads to your success!

From Website Design, Search Engine Optimization, Video, and Business Cards to Database Design, Custom Software, Network Security and all kinds of eBusiness Solutions, iTeam is Your IT Department.

Website Design Services

Websites promote businesses 24 hours a day, every day, to everyone on the plant. Nothing else offers this flexibility and reach.

From providing quick information like store hours, directions, or a mission statement, to product lists, feedback forms, or investor stats, a website can improve sales, increase employee productivity, and create better customer relations.

Find out what the next step is in designing or redesigning a success website.

Computer Services

You have a computer. You have had a headache from that computer. iTeam is like Acetaminophen. Take one of our IT guys for your computer problems and the headache will go away.

Not only can we help keep those headache's down, but we can update your website while we're there. Consolidating debt saves money and so does consolodating your IT department.

Find out some of the ways we can improve your business by being your computer department.

Custom Software Solutions

E-Business is short for Electronic Business. This basically means the utilization of information technology as a means of support for any activity of a business - check Wikipedia for a more indepth definition. It's a broad term, but that's iTeam in a nutshell. We provide Custom End-to-End E-Business Solutions.

Find out how iTeam can use Custom Software and Database Solutions to help make your business utilize more E-Business.