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Custom Software and Database Solutions

Business owners assume their employees are using the right tools for the job, but in actual fact all companies can significantly benefit from using a custom database. A customized database can allow your small/medium sized business to get to the next level and compete with industry leaders.

iTeam's goal is to custom design turn-key database solutions that lower costs, increase productivity and reduce potential errors with a simple user-friendly design.

Using a database created by iTeam will allow your company to:
  • Increase your employee productivity
    • Reduce your employees paper work
    • Eliminate double entries with automation
  • Increase reporting capabilities
  • Retrieve real time information
    • Decrease lookup time
    • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Reduce training time for new employees
  • Access and enter information on your Smartphone, Blackberry or PDA
  • Import and export information in any format
  • Integrate your current software solutions to eliminate double entry
Let us know a good time to contact you, either by phone or email, so we can set up your free consultation with one of our Business or System Analysts. Feel free to give us any extra details that might help us understand the type of improvements you would like to make to your business operations.

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Check out the benefits of custom software for your industry!


Electronic medical records, practice management, billing, payroll and human resources automation will improve patient care and management of your practice. Imagine a single database that can archive patient records or allows custom reports to be generated for medical insurance reimbursement.


E-commerce design, development or integration services will ensure that your company earns revenue, continues to compete with other industry leaders and supports your overall business goals. Our experience with upgrading current source code will improve the existing database / software application within your e-commerce system and provides an even more affordable alternative to custom web development.


Retail sales can grow through e-commerce, while the business can operate more efficiently with integration of the many databases or applications used for inventory, supply chain management, distribution and manufacturing. You may choose to upgrade your current ERP (enterprise resource planning) system; or it may be more cost effective to create a custom, web based solution saving software licensing fees and freeing you from being tied to a vendor for upgrades or specialized programming skills.

Finance Administration

Integration of your accounts payable and receivable, networking of your administration centers and automation of your customer billing and collecting process into a single, enterprise application solution can increase your bottom line and go hand in hand with accelerating your revenue growth.


Use of database / web applications can network customers, sales people, and accounting - allowing managers to make better strategic decisions. Increased software capabilities can also allow for remote management of industrial equipment. Such ideas can result in growth into larger customers, new service options for existing customers and a competitive advantage in your industry.