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Improve Productivity with our Computer Services

Networks can improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of office work by allowing you everything from controling Spam and Viruses to sharing spreadsheets and software. A network can help reduce TCO and give the flexibility you need with today's competitive markets; however it is crucial that the security of the network is considered closely. SPAM, Viruses and Malware are just a few examples of the threats waiting at your Networks door.

Cost effective

Everyone in your office can share files, peripherals, printers and high speed Internet connections all at the same time. Networks also allow for use of Thin Client software which can reduce TCO exponentially.


You can access files, pictures, spreadsheets and more on any connected computer without burning a CD and without the restrictions of Email. With a central server you can communicate with co-workers with intra-office Email without using Email addresses.


Network with or without wires, or a combination of both. The choice is yours. And you can easily add users or equipment at anytime.


Wireless users are supported with data rates up to 600 Mbps to share information within the network. Wired users' data rates are supported at up to 1000 Mbps to blaze across the network.


Laptops are free to roam over 300 feet indoors and 1500 feet outdoors and with a VPN you can access your office files and Email with a click of the mouse.


Both wired and wireless users are covered by advanced firewall security and can perfom backups quickly and easily.

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Network Security
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Virus Removal
Wireless Secutiry